COUTORTURE IN WWD (Women's Wear Daily)

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    direction blogroll – cliquez sur… Almost Girl « The Coutorture Party Post *May 23rd, 2006 * You know it was a good party when you only get around to post seriously about it days later! OK, that suggests that I had time to drink or get in any way physically impaired which is a lie. I was so busy at the Coutorture Launch Party I don’t think I even had time for a glass of water let alone any of the lovely drinks available for our party goers thanks to Glam.com and Castries …But Phil and I were still pretty happy despite not getting any drinks! »

    d’autres liens modeux marrants chez… Millionaire Socialite « PARTY LIKE IT’S 1996 Published by Phil May 21st, 2006 * Big thanks to everyone who attended the Coutorture/Zoe event on Thursday! If you couldn’t make it Joi Kim Elke Tara Danielle & Susan were nice enough to post their photos & congratulations. Thanks guys! » 

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