In Da Mood for Pre-Fashion Week cocktails? En este caso, Le Paris Concept pour toi is the Jefrey's (or Jeffrey's)14 rue Saint Sauveur 75002 Paris Tel +33 (0)1 42 33 60 77: "LE BAR D'HOTEL QUI N'EST PAS DANS UN HOTEL"... Las specialidades ?? A mix of great classics and experiemental elixirs... romantic champagne creations and stronger combos... Many have names that will appeal to film lovers... New on the list: Le mystère de la chambre verte... a green chartreuse-based stunner that's a fun pun on Gaston Leroux's famous multi-adapted locked room thriller The Mystery of the Yellow Room... Otras posibilidades ? A "Do It Yourself Martini" menu... Martini fans cas tick the boxes (cocher les cases) on a card just like a hotel breakfast order slip and invent their own (more or less "dirty") versions, and... Habitués can buy a bottle of their bebida preferida, sign the label, and have it kept for them "under lock and key" in a special cabinet... Scaree Gee-Oh!aka Georgina Oliver says: "Bravo Yassir & Géraldine for concocting such a cool "young couple project"! I'll be back in the Spring for more "MON REVE VOL VERS"*(absinthe + lime on the rocks)!! / As in "GREEN DREAM" / REVOLVER or... "COMO VOLVER – LA PELICULA DE ALMODOVAR"(* "à consommer avec modération", I guess...)

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    Mercredi 11 Janvier 2017 à 19:18

    I'm a big fan of different cocktails with martini. http://bestessay-writing.services/ I think it's the best cocktails.

    Mercredi 18 Janvier 2017 à 12:28

    Should be tasty. I am looking for something really new. You know, all those ordinary cocktails are already boring.

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