VU / SEEN @ QuickTime News April 21 2006



    Hollywood rock band HYPNOGAJA takes its name from the hazy dream-like state between wakefulness and sleep, known in psychological circles as hypnagogia Throughout history, this enigmatic state has been thought to be a heightened period of creativity for the human mind says keyboardist Mark Nubar Donikian We really connected to the whole feeling of that state — when you really love a song, it’s the same kind of thing


    The five musicians who make up HYPNOGAJA churn out guitar-driven, soulful rock with a subtle electronic backdrop using Power Mac G5 & PowerBook G4 computers * Logic Pro * Final Cut Studio * Steinberg Nuendo & Cubase and Propellerhead Reason Every single thing we do is on an Apple computer says guitarist Jeeve Whether it’s mixing audio, doing videos or artwork, or writing music on the road with a laptop, we wouldn’t be able to do it any other way


    read more about Hypnogaja. Enjoy the band’s music videos & preview tracks from two albums at the iTunes Music Store…

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