FYI to US / UK / OZ / KIWI... bloggers petites fritures = whitebait = little chocolate fish used as filling for Easter eggs 





    LUV IT NOT… ?


    Ils sont FOO ces ANGLAIS !

    Le pitch de la ligne de sacs FLOWER FOO

    siglée LONGCHAMP égérie  KATE MOSS :

    « This new line comes direct from our fruitful collaboration with the London design studio : Me Company  specialized in computer assisted imaging. Blending shared passions for technology, art & fashion has given life to an incredible imaginary garden. Surrealist & exotic, the world is personified through a dragon, a fish, a dog & a poney set in a background of colored flowers & leaves. The amazing 3-D effects & thousand-color drawings have been obtained thanks to computer technology… enhancing their presentation like a work of art a signature in themselves. Each bag comes with its enamelled metal flower accessory – as a snap fastener in the all over range or a lucky charm in the range with placed drawings. These two themes come with a rich selection of accessories, like a tank top, ballerina shoes, jewelry, a sarong and even belts & key rings »

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    Mardi 9 Mai 2006 à 21:54
    DA TRASH !
    Le motif, colors les proportions globales whouah genial... ET l'étiquette sur le motif CRASH ! là ya abus.
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