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    éMatome ? éMa.nuelle Passaquet<o:p />

    styliste, plasticienne...<o:p />

    designer, installation artist...

    [self-styled] putschist[e]<o:p />

    Spotted by Georgina Oliver [when GO was on the jury of the 4th edition of Les Jeunes Créateurs de Mode young designers festival, held at the Italie 2 shopping mall, in May 2004], as zee ideal masquotte de Scaree Fash <o:p />

    Tic, tac, Spectre au Tac-o-Tac ? C'est freestyle! Un day after day plastico-performatif, an ongoing perfomance conjured up by éMatom zee ANARKITEKT, for ArtSkoolGozSouth [see expo invit, below]<o:p />

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