THE IDEAL POSTER FOR THE DEAUVILLE WOMEN'S FORUM? NATHALIE CONTENAY X-posée @ Galerie du Centre 4 rue Pierre-au-Lard 75004 Paris hasta 27 05 06 * "A DEMAIN" * 6 pièces * tirage photo sur PVC
    In zee mail de Scaree Gee-Oh! alias Georgina Oliver supawrita@aol.com, des news de la deuxième édition du WOMEN’S FORUM FOR THE ECONOMY & SOCIETY (WEFCOS) qui se tiendra à DEAUVILLE, en OCTOBRE 2006…

    “press release Paris, 27 April – What will be the new responsibilities of women in our changing societies? How can women contribute to building our future in a responsible way? These are key challenges that will focus our discussions at the second annual meeting of the Women’s Forum on the Economy & Society, to be held in Deauville, France from 5 to 7 October 2006

    “Aude Zieseniss de Thuin, founder & President of the Women’s Forum, says The success of the first edition of the Women’s Forum confirmed the need for furthering the discussions to include a broader international base of leaders, both men & women, from business, politics, civil society and academia. We had 500 participants in 2005. This year, our goal is to double that. And last year more than 80% of our participants were women, but this year we will increase the men’s participation at the Forum to 30% [....]

    “Internationally, we will host high-level delegations of women from Canada, France, Germany, Morocco, Poland, Saudi Arabia & Turkey, among others. The Women’s Forum for the Economy and Society provides a platform for exchange for women from all cultures

    “From business, we have the confirmed support & board-level participation of leading international corporations, including Accenture, Air France, Avera, Bain, Cartier, EADS, Euro RSCG Worldwide, La Poste, L’Oréal, McKinsey, Nestlé, Orange, Price Waterhouse Coopers, Renault, Suez, & Total

    "Our 2006 programme – “Women’s new responsibility for improving our societies” – will focus on employment * human resources *  poverty * microcredit * health * education * geopolitics * conflict * violence * demographics * technology & globalization ”

    infos www.womens-forum.com

    press contact Barbara Erskine

    +33(0)1 58 18 62 00



    13 rue Royale - 75008 PARIS - FRANCE

    FAX: +33 1 58 18 62 01

    EMAIL contact@womens-forum.com

    SITE: www.womens-forum.com


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    Dimanche 30 Avril 2006 à 11:08
    Je vois avec bonheur que vous appréciez le travail de Nathalie, qui est un des piliers de l'Apacc ! Pourquoi pas une affiche ? Demandez-le lui...
    Dimanche 30 Avril 2006 à 12:15
    Hi, Georgina !
    Quels relais chez toi ! Bizzz
    Dimanche 30 Avril 2006 à 21:34
    excellente la photo !!
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